Encrypted team communications

When you team up with LockChat, your conversations are always private and confidential. With our powerful encryption and private messaging, you can be sure that your conversations are safe from prying eyes!

Complete In-House Privacy

With LockChat, you have complete control over who sees what you say. Use your own in-house servers and gain complete control. Your privacy policy. Your encryption keys. Your audit logs. All totally secure and not available to any other entity.

Pure End-to-End Encryption

LockChat is a pure End-to-End Encryption solution. You can select which device your message is delivered to, making your conversations 100% private and secure. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues, without worrying about snoopers or prying eyes reading your messages.

No new hardware needed

LockChat works on your existing devices. No need for any new phones or computers here. You’ll be able to chat without paying for any additional expensive equipment.

Want to try LockChat Enterprise?

If your business wants to run a trial of the LockChat Enterprise, please contact us, we will arrange a 14 days free trial for you.

Full Audits

Keep your chat logs safe and secure with LockChat audit. You decide how long you want to keep them, so you need never worry about losing important information again.


If you need to record a chat – no problem! You have the option to record and audit any chat you need to. So you can chat with peace of mind and without any worry of someone misinterpreting what you say.

Fully Compliant

LockChat is powered by Galaxkey, the end-to-end encryption software that sets the standard for data protection and communication privacy. With Galaxkey’s three levels of identity-based encryption, you can protect all your data and communications, even when they leave your network. And you can be assured of full compliance


Key Features

  • Seamless end-to-end encrypted communication.
  • Encompasses essential instant messaging features such as group chat, forwarding, deletion, blocking, revocation, audio messaging, images, documents, timed expiration, and purging.
  • Messages are exclusively stored securely on mobile devices, eliminating any server storage.
  • Enhanced message security through biometric access on the user’s mobile device.
  • Communication intricately tied to the mobile device, preventing unauthorized usage.
  • Digital verification with Yoti guarantees accurate identification of the intended recipient at all times.
  • In-house implementation with recording and audits for compliance.
  • Corporate email accounts for business users.
  • Upcoming features: Video and audio calls set to launch soon.

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