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The LockChat Story

Welcome to LockChat, where we redefine the security landscape by placing data protection at the forefront of our mission. In a world where safeguarding networks and devices is crucial, we go above and beyond, recognising that securing the very essence of your digital existence—your data—is equally, if not more, essential.

At the heart of our commitment is an innovative security platform called Galaxkey which was meticulously crafted to prioritise data protection through cutting-edge encryption techniques. This goes beyond mere communication and collaboration security; it extends to safeguarding your critical data, ensuring its inviolability, irrespective of its location or the devices accessing it.

In 2022, visionary Sir George along with Randhir conceptualised LockChat, driven by the profound understanding that the digital evolution leans towards mobile connectivity. Recognising the pivotal role of instant messaging in this evolution, he envisioned a platform where humans could communicate instantly with absolute data privacy. Galaxkey’s groundbreaking data protection technology made it evident that existing instant messaging giants fell short on the crucial front of data security. And so, the journey began—we embarked on building the first prototype of LockChat.

Today, with immense pride, we unveil the realisation of our vision—a truly federated instant messaging platform. This isn’t just about secure communication; it’s about empowering businesses to seamlessly embrace instant messaging with unparalleled data security. Galaxkey stands at the forefront, ensuring your data is not just protected, but celebrated in the era of instant communication. Join us in the future of secure, instantaneous collaboration.

meet the LEADERS

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Admiral Sir George Zambellas

Founder & Executive Chairman

Sir George Zambellas Is A Distinguished Former First Sea Lord Of The British Royal Navy. During His Three-Year Tenure As First Sea Lord, He Oversaw The Strategic Defence And Security Review And Successfully Reset The Royal Navy’s Global Authority And Focus.

Since Then, Sir George’s Love Of Emerging Technologies Has Led Him To Become A Leading Figure In Robotics, Encryption, Data Security, And AI. As An Engineer By Training, Sir George’s Love Of These Technologies Has Led To A Dedication To Promote Fresh Thinking And Innovation.

Randhir Shinde

Founder & CEO

Randhir Shinde Is A Technology Expert, Entrepreneur And Founder/CEO Of Galaxkey With Over 25 Years Of Experience In The IT Industry. Randhir Possesses Qualities Such As Focus, Optimism, Flexibility, Strong Communication Skills, And Action Orientation That Have Contributed To His Success. 

His Entrepreneurial Spirit, Expertise In Technology, And Business Acumen Make Him A Valuable Asset To Any Organisation Needing His Expertise.